23 organised homes with clever ideas you can steal

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23 organised homes with clever ideas you can steal

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 Koridor dan lorong oleh Lambert&Sons, Modern
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If your knowledge of home organisation only goes as far as a few perfunctory wall shelves, prepare to be amazed at what other people are doing with their home design.

In a bid to get ever more tidy and organised, new and fabulous ways to add storage to homes are being dreamt up by talented interior designers and craftsmen. 

But, don't take our word for it, come and be inspired instead!

1. Don't underestimate the dead space in your home

 Koridor dan lorong oleh Chase Furniture, Modern
Chase Furniture

Innovative storage solutions.

Chase Furniture

2. A place for everything

As well as a specific room, such as a library.

3. Eclectic, individual and mismatched items have a lot of character

 Rumah oleh Residence Interior Design Ltd, Modern
Residence Interior Design Ltd

Modern House Interior Design, Cambridgeshire

Residence Interior Design Ltd

4. Small but perfectly functional

You don't need huge cabinets in a hallway if you don't want them.

5. Kids will never know their room is well-organised

If you choose cupboards wisely.

6. No space for storage?

No problem! Just add a rail to a free wall.

7. Add a little flavour to your food

 Dapur oleh homify, Country

Bespoke oak larder


And some storage, to your storage!

8. Simple wall recesses are elegant and invaluable

Especially in bathrooms.

9. Find attractive solutions

Take into account the items you love and use the most and find clever, attractive solutions.

10. Give everyone their own storage space

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Then leave it up to them to maintain it.

11. Give necessary items dual functionality

Love those sliding doors that hide the toiletries!

13. Take awkwardly shaped rooms to task with custom carpentry

14. Hide things under the bed

We won't tell if you don't!

15. Make the storage in your kids' rooms fun

And they might just enjoy using it.

17. When in doubt, shut it out (of sight!)

  oleh homify, Klasik

18. A one-stop organisational shop

That you can also sleep on.

19. Hallways offer a wealth of potential

 Koridor dan lorong oleh Lambert&Sons, Modern

Tantallon Road


If you use built-in cabinets!

20. Alcoves are perfect

For nick-nacks and trinkets that brighten a bedroom.

21. You don't have to draw attention to the storage!

You can keep it subtle.

22. ​When your storage is large, don't try to hide it at all

 Kamar Tidur oleh TOTUS, Modern

Loft Conversion, Sheen SW14


This wall divide idea is great!

23. Be prepared to get ruthless

Store useless items that you don't need out on display.

For more great home organisation tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 21 creative wardrobe ideas you can copy in your home.

 Rumah oleh Casas inHAUS, Modern

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