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15 handrail designs to make your staircase look safe and modern

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Modern home design is visually appealing with its straight lines and sophistication. However, while designing the interiors, due importance should be given to comfort so that the home remains inviting. The staircase is an area which is used temporarily as a passage, so it’s an ideal area for experimenting with contemporary design.

If you are looking for a way to add modernity to your home, take a look at these 15 staircase handrail ideas that we’ve put together.

1. Safety customised to increasing height

The higher one climbs up the staircase, the more protection is needed. Increasing the length of the horizontal railing not only provides safety but also adds an innovative modern touch to the design.

2. Simple shapes to make it modern

PHia Koridor & Tangga Modern

Overdoing the design on the railing can take away some of the contemporary elegance. Keep it simple with a few lines, like the zig-zag pattern on this staircase railing.

3. Say yes to glass

PHia Koridor & Tangga Modern

Glass is one of the most modern materials that you can use because of the safety and sophistication that it brings. Use large sheets of tempered glass to protect the area and to ensure that in case of an accident the glass powders into tiny pieces rather than dangerously sharp and long shards.

4. Mixing materials in a railing

There’s nothing wrong in combining different types of material for the railing. In fact, the right mix introduces beautiful dynamism to the design, like in this home where wood and steel are used for the rail.

5. Provide support where essential

Efficiency, rather than beauty, should be the top priority when designing a staircase railing. It’s all right to keep it minimal as long as support is provided wherever it is essential. The railing doesn’t necessarily have to extend from the first step to the last one.

6. Double the safety

The primary function of the guardrail on a stairway is to provide support while climbing up and down. However, it doesn’t hurt to have added protection that brings an interesting feature to the area. You can install a wall or a barrier for extra safety, introducing texture to the décor in the area in the process.

7. Straight lines are a guaranteed success

When it comes to modernity, nothing works better than straight lines. Keep your staircase and the handrail linear to achieve the desired result.

8. Extensive protection

It’s a new trend to extend the coverage of the railing beyond the regular height that is recommended. Nowadays, it’s quite common to find designs such as this one where the rail extends to the ceiling.

9. Curves are good too

Although straight lines are the recommended option, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from a curved railing. Keeping it simple and using a helical structure can make the stairs a striking modern feature in your home.

10. Rounded rails for better grip

One of the main purposes of a handrail on the stairs is to provide support, and therefore, it makes sense to have a rounded railing that is easy to hold. It’s a practical and modern design feature.

11. Single-piece railing

You can get creative and fabricate a single piece of metal into a staircase railing. It guarantees an ultra-modern feature in your home with its simplicity and sophistication.

12. The staircase structure as the rail

The railing can be incorporated into the support structure of the staircase to present a uniquely contemporary look.

13. Modern look with wood

Natural wood is another great material to use for a modern handrail. It can work well by keeping the lines straight and the design simple.

14. A wall as the railing

Most modern homes are small and require space saving design. It’s a good idea to accommodate an element that keeps the area looking spacious and airy, like using boxed stair walls such as the ones in this image, which provide the support structure and serve as guardrails.

15. Do away with the rail

Of course, you can completely avoid a handrail to give your staircase a modern look. The stairway wall can be used as support while climbing up and down.

If you want to see more staircase designs, visit this ideabook.

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