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7 open wardrobes you could easily build in your home

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Let's all enjoy a moment of total honesty and say that when it comes to wardrobes, bigger is better, right? 

We all have more clothes than we think and (even if it's secretly) we all know there's nothing nicer than having them properly hung, folded and sorted. So it makes sense that a spacious wardrobe should be a key part of every home and today we're going to show you exactly how you can welcome one into yours. 

All you're going to need is some carpentry skills (or a carpenter) and a small spare room, because who wants to drown out their entire bedroom?

If you can get these things ready, let's see what you could build!

1. Gorgeous glamour

This walk-in wardrobe is amazing and our favourite aspect is that there are separate sides for both people using it, so you never have to reach for a shirt and grab someone else's ever again.

The lighting is incredible and all the mirrors make it feel even bigger than it is. And just look at all the different styles of storage… there's a drawer, shelf or rail for everything!

2. Petite and perfect

This might be a smaller wardrobe but it's still fantastically practical and useful. 

The galley layout makes perfect sense (with a mirror on the end wall for suitable cat-walking) and, while the proportions aren't huge, everything has a place.

Can't you imagine transforming your box room into this?

3. Fun for the whole family

This idea is genius! Instead of everyone having small, ineffective wardrobes in their bedroom, dedicate an entire room to everyone's clothes. 

The shoe wall is exciting us as you'd never lose a favourite pair again, but the idea of everyone having their own wall makes so much sense.

4. Deliciously dark

St. Mary Abbots Coupdeville Ruang Ganti Modern

St. Mary Abbots


These small rooms which have been transformed into walk-in wardrobes are giving us all sorts of inspiration. 

There's no need for symmetry as users' needs will be different so, on the left we see lots of shirt hanging space, while on the right, shoes have taken priority. 

Imagine all the arguments this would save!

5. Pure and simple

Built into an otherwise dead corner, this delightful open wardrobe looks neat and unfussy, thanks to the use of storage boxes on its shelves.

A great idea for when you don't want random pieces of clothing ruining the aesthetic or messy accessories overshadowing your neatness, storage boxes for your wardrobe are a must!

6. Lofty ambitions

Talk about a fantastic idea for your loft! The slanting roof issue of loft conversions is negated if you're using the space for something like a walk-in wardrobe, as you won't be spending all of your time in there.

Plus, you can get so much storage in place if you commission a carpenter to built you something bespoke. Cabinets, drawers, shelves and rails all fit in there perfectly!

7. Don't forget to use stylish materials

PHia Ruang Ganti Modern

This empty open wardrobe is the perfect opportunity to start talking about the style of your cabinets. 

Naturally, you want a good mix of storage styles, but don't overlook the materials you're building with. Your clothes and shoes deserve the best, so see what types of wood your budget will stretch to as you could have something gorgeous and grainy like this!

For more wardrobe inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Your small wardrobe can actually be organised (we'll show you).

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