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7 open closests to consider for your home

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A good closet is the desire (and need) of many. There is nothing like being able to arrange all of our objects, clothes and accessories with more than enough space to access each one. 

A good closet depends a lot on good design. Every element needs to be considered, including what its function is. There also needs to be plenty of space available for your personal items. The question is how to make the most of every niche!

One of the latest trends at the moment is a walk-in closet or open closet. This allows all of the items that you want to store to be kept on display. It also means that you take up less space with doors.

This is why today at homify, we have put together a list of 7 open closets that you have to consider for your home. These will inspire you to look into this trend!

1. A special space

Allow your closet to give your home a very special atmosphere by paying attention to the details of the design.

This very modern closet shows how lighting can be used to enhance every aspect of this piece of furniture, working in harmony with the light floor. This closet is also so large that a mirror has been installed in it, which makes the room look bigger and allows the residents to examine their outfits.

Everything is very orderly and structured in this design.

2. Organisation is most important

The organisation of your closet is very important because without doors, everything will be visible. It is important to keep in mind that we need to make an effort to keep our clothes or accessories looking beautiful and well-arranged.

Co-ordinate clothes according to colour and type, place your shoes in neat rows and make sure there is nothing on display that you would be embarrassed by!

3. A different closet

If you have enough space, design a closet that creates a truly special walk-in ambiance like design professionals Mob Architects have done here. 

A room like this allows for enough space to feature a bench, where the residents can sit down and put their shoes on. 

Remember to include lots of natural light in this space, creating a light and refreshed space. However you don't want sunlight to stream in and discolour your clothes so invest in curtains or blinds.

4. Lighting is key

St. Mary Abbots Coupdeville Ruang Ganti Modern

St. Mary Abbots


Lighting is incredibly important for this type of space as we want to be able to see exactly what shirt we are reaching for or if our socks matched.

It's thus a good idea to invest in inner lights for the closet as well as spotlights, which will illuminate the space.

5. Use boxes for storage

One way to keep your closet well-organised, functional, neat and tidy is to install boxes throughout this space. These can be of many different sizes or shapes. You can even opt for different materials for a unique design.

You can also install drawers throughout your open closet, keeping items carefully stored away.

Also have a look at these really clever storage solutions for small homes.

6. Integrate with spaces

Integrating a closet into a bedroom can be a very good idea as it allows you to make the most of difficult corners, as we can see in this image.

This is a wonderful example of a classic style, where the furniture has been custom-designed so that it fits beautifully into the environment. 

7. An infinite amount of choices

PHia Ruang Ganti Modern

Having the closet in the space outside the bathroom is very common as it allows you to get ready straight after you have showered or had a bath. You do need to be careful, however, that your closet has been built to handle any moisture that may arise from the bathroom. Choose a solid and durable material.

There are thousands of ways to incorporate an open closet into your home!

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