3 New York homes that will make you want to move to the Big Apple

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There's no denying that New York is a style haven, but do you know just how fabulous some of the houses are too? We have been utterly blown away by some of the projects taken on and completed by talented architects in New York and thought it might be fun to show you a selection today, to whet your appetite for a move to the Big Apple! With amazing interiors, mind-blowing facades and, in some cases, gorgeous gardens, these houses are sure to tempt you to relocate, so let's take a look!

1. Park Slope townhouse.

First of all, can we take a minute to drink in the absolutely incredible facade here please? While Brownstones are one of the most popular and coveted property styles in New York, the name really doesn't speak of the heritage styling, amazing tones and impressive stature of this home! WOW!

Impressively industrial.

Swing around to the back of this home and the contrast of modern, pared back industrial concrete with the traditional frontage is outrageous! Striking, stoic and so stunning with the modern glazing in place, this is definitely somewhere we would be happy to call home! 

Let's take a look inside for more details, but not talk over the pictures too much!

A light-filled ground floor sitting room is the perfect space to walk into from the street!

A second sitting room makes this home practical even for those with children!

The mix of modern styling with heritage items, such as the panelled ceiling and ornate balustrade, is spectacular.

Who wouldn't love to have a bright and modern kitchen up on a high level in their home? Cooking with a view!

If all the stairs wouldn't keep you fit enough on their own, there's even a sparkling home gym!

This fun and quirky dining spot is so cool and it leads out to a charming terrace. Alfresco breakfast is just a step away!

The heavy carpet on the stairs adds in such a homely feel and works beautifully with the black banisters. This staircase is so well lit too!

Clean, fresh and unfussy, this bathroom is a triumph in terms of modern convenience, comfort and style.

2. Cobble Hill townhouse.

Well, we have something a little bit different here! A far simpler facade than the last home, it is no less impressive, as that wonderful height still remains and here, we have a jutting modern window extension as well! The touches of natural wood really help to pick this house out in a street of similar properties and makes us want to take a closer look too!

From the back!

WOAH! Now this really IS a shock! You wouldn't ever expect to find a pretty garden in New York, would you? Yet here is one! Timber extensions at the rear tie in with the design of the front of the house and add so much organic flavor to this urban dwelling. That first floor terrace is absolutely unreal!

Again, let's take a look inside, but keep the chat to a minimum!

Talk about a fantastic welcome home! Painted bricks, wooden floors and a deep window seat all make this amazing from the first glance!

This open-plan living room and kitchen is being flooded with light, thanks to those huge rear windows that overlook the garden.

The contrast of luxurious marble and opulent wood is incredible in this kitchen. This has to be a spot for a really keen cook!

Even the stairs are beautiful in this home! How is that possible? The semi-cantilevered style is to die for!

At least now we can see how the stairwell is so well lit! A fantastic skylight has been added in, especially for the job!

Now this is a shock! We expected a modern bedroom, but instead, this one is filled With heritage touches and reclaimed gorgeousness. Outstanding!

Simple, dark and so stylish, this grown-ups only bathroom offers a little more contemporary definition. Those slate wall tiles have us going crazy!

Fun for the little ones, this vibrant bedroom is everything! All the color looks so adorable and brightens up the house as a whole!

This has got to be the kid's bathroom, don;t you think? It's so funky and fresh! and matches the bedroom perfectly! Adorable.

3. Park Slope townhouse (number two!)

Don't let this deceptive exterior shot fool you, as this is another outstanding New York home that has pushed the boundaries of what interior design can do. Seriously, the only hint as to what's inside here are the contemporary house numbers, but even they don't come close! 

The rear view.

How incredible is this house? Seriously, drink it all in for a moment, we can wait! The metal frame that surrounds the house, the intricate and unusual wood cladding ad the sheer scale are all working together to make something out of this world. The way the garden is reflected in the windows makes everything look so crisp!

Let's get inside and allow ourselves to be overwhelmed!

Have you ever come across a wood-enclosed kitchen before? You have now! The amazing design here makes all the cabinets simply disappear and what a view!

Despite how eye-catching the wood cladding is, this whole spaces feels very understated and chic. It must be all the white, balancing things out!

With so much neutral decor in place, a vibrant sofa is more than enough color and we love the pared back designs that have been selected here! There's almost a Scandinavian vibe!

Open-tread stairs almost give the look of industrial lofts, within a traditional Brownstone! That ice blue wall is amazing too. What a burst of freshness!

How can this bathroom look so unfussy, bright and hygienic, yet not at all sterile? What is this dark design magic?

Cozy, quirky and sweet, this kids room is everything we would have loved when we were growing up! Even in here, some retro furniture has snuck in!

All the vintage furniture pieces and classic design items scattered about add in a nuance of unusual and personal style here. We think this home might be our favorite!

Fore even more amazing New York architecture, take a look at this article: New York, New York: one of the most special cities in the world!

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