20 amazing closet designs for your bedroom

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Closets form an integral part of any bedroom. It has been seen that when a home is being redesigned or constructed, people like to check the wardrobe system that is there in the bedroom. Closets come in varying sizes and designs. The available area for the closets decides the probable functionality and features of the closet. Next time you redesign or remodel your home, you can choose from the below mentioned 20 designs. There are different styles and designs of closets which can fit your lifestyle and needs.

1. Closet for the couple – him and her

This closet is exclusively designed keeping couples in mind. There is separate storage space for the man and the woman without interfering into one another’s space. There are shelves, drawers as well as hanging options in the closet so that all kinds of things can be kept in them.

2. Closet without doors

When it is closet for the bedroom, special care has to be taken for the same. Wooden closets are always a preference with people. Try this design of the wooden closet with no doors. This gives the closet spaciousness and more and more numbers of items can be fitted in the same.

3. Sliding doors for the closet

Looking for a simple yet practical closet design idea? This kind of closet setting is highly ideal for small spaces like small apartments and flats. Lots of space can be saved, with a sliding closet design. Elegant and practical, this design helps you create a space to store all your clothes in a meticulous way.

4. The large walk-in closet

Walk-in closets are always extremely interesting as they have abundant space. There is no denying the fact that there is a separate charm of these closets. If you have a large bedroom and ample space for installing such a wardrobe, do not hesitate in doing the same.

5. Closets with shoe racks

For most people, closets are all about clothes, accessories, etc. But there are many closets which have separate shoe racks as well. Generally wooden shoeers are built into cabinets for keeping the shoes in place.

6. Closet with dressing table

With a woman in the house, having a dresser or dressing table is imperative. And in this case, having a closet with a dresser is definitely a great idea. This arrangement proves to be highly functional and looks good as well.

7. Complete utilisation of space

If you are short on space and want to use the maximum of it in the best manner, try a closet in this style. There are four large sections in the closet with completely closed doors for each section. There are options of shelves, hangers and drawers in this kind of closet.

8. Colour accents

Using colour accents is a really cool closet design that you can implement. Use accents in certain parts of the closet and see the striking impact that they make. Bright lime yellow is one of the most attractive shades that can be used and it gives an innovative look and appearance to the closet.

9. Different modules in the closet

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Having modules in the closet is always a good option. It is not necessary that the closet should always be a one-piece item. With suitably designed modules, they can be inserted in any appropriate space and make additional storage space.

You can hire a designer to attain the look that you desire.

10. Black closet

This is a classic closet design idea that you simply cannot go wrong with. People who love classic and conventional looks are surely going to love this black coloured closet. The closet has many chambers with hanging places, racks, drawers and shelves – all in one.

11. Wood and white shade for the perfect contrast

With modern home settings, the combination of white and wooden works wonders. The cabinets are made of wood and in wooden color, while the walls and other settings are in white shade. This combination provides a relaxed ambience in the room. To make the place colourful and attractive, add a rug on the floor.

12. Closets for all kinds of uses

If you have a functional closet, you can use it for storing different kinds of things – right from clothes, accessories, gadgets, tools and even bicycle! You just have to create the ideal services for the same.

13. Minimalistic design with sober appearance

For construction of the closet, choose sober looking and elegant wood. There is no alternative of wood when it comes to sophisticate furniture like closets for the bedroom. This closet is bound to look extremely attractive in spite of being minimalistic in nature.

14. Corner style

Usually corners of a room go wasted. But with this closet design, the corners of the room are utilized in the best manner. The design has an extremely practical approach and looks good at the same time.

15. Romantic in white

If you are a person who loves serenity and tranquillity, this closet design, style and furniture colour is going to be your ultimate choice. White colour is predominant in this furniture and gives it an extremely classy and sophisticated appearance.

16. Textured

It is the wood that is textured in this closet. If you look closely, you will see that the style of the closet is conveyed by the style and pattern of the wood. The veins seen on the wood are not only attractive, but extremely elegant at the same time.

17. Multiple compartments with a ladder

This closet style is only applicable if you have abundant space in your home. Basically, this is a walk-in closet style with innumerable sections and segments. Storage is highly convenient with the multiple compartments in the closet. A small ladder adds to the utility of the wardrobe in great manner so that the upper racks can be reached conveniently.

18. Rectangular walk-in closet

This rectangular shaped walk-in closet has a practical approach from all sides. To make dressing and choosing clothes and accessories easier, place a piece of furniture in the centre so that you can sit and sort things.

19. Complete yet simple

Though simple, this is one of the most amazing closet designs you can try. This particular closet might not be very big in size, but it has practicality. Therefore, keeping clothes, accessories and other items in this closet and finding them on time is easy and simple.

20. Striking

A simple yet striking closet design! Take a look at the amazing pattern and design on the closet and the smart racks and shelves on the right hand side. Having such a piece of furniture in the bedroom is not only high on the functionality and utility quotient, but it also makes the room look sophisticated.

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