An Upper East Side apartment that's a cut above the rest

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Modern family homes are great, but just for today, how about we shine a much-deserved light on a chic apartment that would be perfect for professionals? Filled with utterly spectacular art and decorative touches, we can see the work of a truly inspired interior designer here, as well as a dreamy location that impacted on the finished vibe of the home so wonderfully. We think you'll be really impressed by the way that the bedroom has been scaled back to maximize the open-plan communal area, but don't just take our word for it! Let's take a tour!

Panoramic perfection.

Just look at the way this living room area has been so wonderfully well crafted! A slew of windows give endless snapshots of the stunning views, while also mirroring the size and dimension of the dramatic wall art canvas as well. There's such a sense of everything being in the right place in this space, with inch-perfect furniture placement and there's a terrifically contemporary yet classic vibe. Let's see a little more!

All out in the open.

Now you can really see the full majesty of this upper east side apartment! No wonder there is such incredible light flow, as the open-plan layout has maintained such sensational flow and ebb in terms of air, light and furniture placement. The eclectic living room has been made really eye-catching, thanks to a mix if seating options, but we want to dive in a little further, to see how the other spaces have been defined.

Function and style.

Just look at these floating shelves! Creating a dramatic yet common sense display, they help to differentiate between separate areas and offers up a natural display zone to showcase the huge amount of art that is clearly an intrinsic part of the personalities of the people that live here. It makes for a wonderfully natural transition from relaxed to functional spaces too.

Decadence beyond belief!

A SECOND LIVING ROOM? Now that's adding serious wow factor to an apartment! A lovely variation on the theme of the other lounging area, the mix of white, teal and clear furniture is simply incredible.

A tasty decor style.

Well, there's no denying the credentials of this modern meets elegantly classic and understated kitchen and diner! All set upon the most striking and timeless herringbone parquet, the deceptively simple dining table suite is something else, but then the kitchen comes into clear view as well! 

Finished in gloss beige and chrome, the kitchen design is utterly wonderful and using an island come breakfast bar as a room divide was a stroke of genius. The lighting has really taken things up a notch and those views! What a luxury in an apartment kitchen!

Hallway haute couture.

If all hallways looked like this, perhaps people would be less likely to think of them as boring spaces or not worthy of consideration. Piquant lighting, stylish bench seating and unusual furniture really take things to a new and interesting level. Is that a huge amount of built-in storage that we can see as well? Amazing!

A breath of boudoir fresh air.

Luxurious, relaxed and chock-full of storage, this master bedroom is a little bit of a shock in terms of not being an enormous space. We love the decision to keep this room so modest and perfunctory, in able to gain access to a more expansive communal area. What a sacrifice, but without any loss of opulence!

Bathing in beauty.

Of course the bathroom in this apartment is white, bright and so amazingly light! It really adds to the underlying artistic and contemporary notes that permeate every nuance of the home. The use of mirrored glass, in particular, is a triumph and has created a sense of massive space!

The finishing flourish.

Parquet indoors and parquet outdoors too! This amazing terrace offers valuable extra space and helps to solidify just how important the setting is. It's also charming to add a little greenery into urban home environments, as without a touch of nature, things can look a little stark and sterile. Fresh, fun and perfect for parties, this terrace confirms that this apartment has it all!

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