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A Korean home with glowing, rustic finishes

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Here at homify, we love it when designers and architects mesh different aesthetic styles together. Often, homes have one dominant stylistic persuasion, but that does not mean elements of other looks are absent. In fact, accenting your interior with touches of other styles makes it more unique and dynamic. 

Today on homify360 we will be exploring a home that mixes minimalism with rustic elements and more. The house is a renovation by Japanese architects Atelier-Spinoza in a residential area of Korea. There is a strong Asian minimalism influence throughout this home, which is encapsulated in a lovely garden. There are lots of interesting nooks and crannies worth checking out, demonstrating the design team’s excellent strategic use of space. Come with us on this tour and see if you can spot all the thoughtful details within.

Serene exterior

Even from the home’s exterior it is clear that it follows an Asian minimalist aesthetic. It is oriented horizontally and emphasises strong horizontal lines. The soft hues of grey blend nicely with the twilight sky. 

Overall, the look is serene and the home fits nicely within the residential surroundings. The openings are rather small, which allows for increased privacy. Let’s have a look inside.

Rustic touches

Upon entry into the main living area of the home, we can see right away how its minimalist aesthetic is touched with rustic accents. Specifically, the large antique wardrobe stands as the focal point of the space. 

The exposed decorative wooden beams give it a cosy finish. We also love the use of indirect lighting inside the inbuilt sitting nook – very thoughtful!

Garden serenity

Off the primary living space is a lovely garden full of local plants. The design is very Zen and even the exterior staircase helps to frame it nicely. 

We imagine that spending an evening out here on this veranda is truly blissful and serene! The floating staircase allows access to the second floor of the home.

Superb study nook

Also facing the garden is this small nook that acts as a study, made possible by using the bespoke wooden tabletop as a desk. The presence of a lovely garden visible through the windows surely helps the inhabitants to boost their concentration, creativity, and calmness. 

Believe it or not, this small spot receives a good amount of sunlight. This quiet study area certainly makes a compelling case for utilising the empty, usually wasted corners of a house!

A room that resides on a raised platform

Another interesting room in the house is this one that resides on a raised cushioned platform. The platform helps to distinguish the space from its surroundings without the need for doors at the openings. 

The look reflects the Asian minimalist style due to its simplicity, use of pale wooden accents, and the cushioned platform itself. Above we can see the same decorative exposed beams and in the built-in nook there is more indirect lighting used to illuminate the space.

Attic done in OSB

To finish our tour we will head up to the attic. It is done in orientated strand board (OSB), which is an increasingly trendy style. The OSB is sanded and covered in a few coats of finish to create the final product, which is totally unique and interesting to look at. As we can see, the attic includes an opening that allows you to peer down at the goings on below in the main living area where we started our tour. The horizontal metal bars add a touch of industrial style to the look.

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