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How to hide your rubbish bins

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Bins might not be the most glamorous part of your home design scheme, but they are necessary. However, just because they're there through necessity rather than want, it doesn't mean you can't seek to cleverly disguise them so they're out of sight and mind.

We've come up with some great ways to hide your rubbish bins, but always remember that if you're going to be putting things in them at night, you'll need to light the area too. A sensor light would be the economical choice and would offer an extra touch of security for your home.

Let's take a look at some ideas!

1. Behind a bamboo screen

If you've taken the time to create a gorgeous garden you love spending time in, we're willing to bet that looking at your rubbish bins doesn't play a part in your summer plans. Not being small items, they can be a little hard to camouflage, but we think this fabulous bamboo screen is just the ticket.

Garden design experts at GH Product Solutions have come up with the perfect disguise for unsightly wheelie bins in the form of this lovely organic fencing which, as a double bonus, makes the rest of the garden look amazingly high-end and well finished.

2. In a designated outbuilding

A little more than your average garden shed, we think a little wooden outbuilding offers you a wealth of organisation potential. You can easily wheel your rubbish bins in and out of here, while also storing gardening implements and muddy wellies.

Take care if you decide to go down this route, however, as sheds and outbuildings are notorious for becoming dumping grounds and you'll still need to be able to access your bins at least once a week to put them out for collection.

3. Underground

There are some specific types of bins that work well underground, most commonly those for food waste and animal waste. These 'bio bins' allow matter to break down and get reabsorbed into the soil as a form of fertiliser and you only need a small amount of space for them.

While the idea of having rubbish bins underneath the garden will not be for everyone, we think this is a great solution for pet owners and those trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. If you like the idea but want something a little more conventional, composting bins are readily available and can be hidden away behind a shed.

4. With a green screen

Here's a tip for all the keen gardeners out there! If you have spent years cultivating a stunning outdoor space, why not put it to great use as a form of camouflage for your rubbish bins? If you have some areas with thick, dense hedging, this will be super simple.

We suggest you earmark an area close to where your refuse collectors grab your bins from and create a little hidey-hole. If you're prone to fox visitors, this will also be a great way to keep them from coming too close to your house.

5. Under foliage

Made to measure bike/bin storage Energy Space Ltd
Energy Space Ltd

Made to measure bike/bin storage

Energy Space Ltd

How adorable are these lovely wooden utility cupboards, complete with living roofs? A delightful addition to the front or rear of any home, we can't help but think this is an ideal solution to the problem of hiding unsightly rubbish bins.

If placed at the front of a house, we would be tempted to invest in some natural air fresheners to make sure the bins didn't emit an unpleasant smell. You can also get scented refuse sacks which tackle the job for you very neatly. How clever!

6. In an antique variation of itself

If there is simply no way to disguise or hide your rubbish bins, why not make a bit more of a feature of them? We're not talking about gaudy stickers or anything like that, but a rustic, antique bin could be a great way to take control of your aesthetic. 

Sometimes it's a case of 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em' and we think this fabulous industrial chest would make a great alternative bin!

For more outdoors inspiration, take a look at these: Modern ideas for British gardens.

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