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Elegant ways to hide your dustbin

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If you think about your garbage can at home, is it an optical or olfactory nuisance? Then let's get rid of it. No, you do not have to throw it out, but lock it away, hide, or remove from sight. When it comes to ways you can elegantly hide a garbage can or disguise it, there are many. What it naturally comes down to is what purpose the waste container has to meet at your home. A garbage can in the kitchen, for example, must for practical reasons be easily transported to the back yard and the compost heap in your garden.

Today on homify you will find the right place for each of your garbage cans, since we have assembled for you a list of clever hiding ideas.


A clever camouflage idea for the bins in the front yard or backyard are privacy screens consisting of bamboo. Bamboo grids are particularly aesthetic solutions to let waste containers elegantly disappear. They can be set up both in the form of a hedge or around the trash can area. It is important to remember, however, that bamboo is a sensitive material that can only hold its own against the wind if it is well secured. The same also applies to structures made of wooden slats, willow or reeds. 

The best thing about a home-made trash cans cover: You can customize and adapt the dimensions and the style of the screens according to your garden and your own ideas. While we’re speaking about dustbin coverings made of natural materials, a great idea for another trash can shell is a gabion formed around it. Gabions are wire mesh baskets filled with natural stones, that the landscapers will gladly and often use as screens, walls or partitions.

Place it in the toolshed

If there is a garbage can that you use only foroutdoor purposes in any case, you can easily hide it in your tool shed. This alternative location firstly has the advantage that a sudden change to bad weather will not affect the bin – no wet garbage or trash strewn across the yard by strong winds. Secondly, it solves the eyesore issue in no time. 

Do you have a garden, but no convenient shelter therein? Then this might be the right opportunity for you to provide such a house or something along these lines. A garden shed not only provides housing for your garbage cans, but can also allow space for storing garden furniture and tools safely from weather and theft. If this seems a bit daunting in terms of imagined costs, there is no need to get anxious. You can easily build your own garden shed with little effort and expenditure, if you plan things right!

Underground hideout

Waste containers must not stand around open and visible to everyone. Many cities have tackled the problem of smelly and unsightly garbage cans in recent years, and are moving more towards the solution of underground waste disposal. Hidden in the soil and collecting trash only through the chutes protruding through the ground, all of your waste disappear into the depths. 

What has been proven effective on a large scale, can succeed even in the miniature. You can make this waste disposal option for yourself at home to improve order and cleanliness. Underground containers are indeed designed for the public space, but the waste management systems can also be installed on private land. This acquisition, however, has its price. Depending on the supplier or manufacturer and model you need, costs and installation can range upward from 5 figures. A proper site inspection is also necessary and should be done by the system supplier, then you’ll have to get the building permits and arrange cover transportation costs. It can be a timely and expensive process, but may be well worth the investment.

Green screening

A discreet hiding place for your dustbin can also be a beautiful hedge. A screen of hedging plants, such as Yew or Thuja, offers great advantages compared to other solutions, and are at the same time a stable windshield. 

The choice of the hedge plant depends firstly on the desired hedge height. On the other hand, you should be aware that a distinction is made between summer hedges and evergreen hedges, and the latter variant is better for concealing the garbage can in question.

Planters or boxes with integrated trellis also bring the desired effect. Fast-growing climbing plants such as ivy, climbing roses, clematis or wisteria can give rise to a beautiful natural screen for your unsightly bins in no time. The design options are limitless thanks to the large flowers and climbing plant selection.

Decorated with plants

Made to measure bike/bin storage Energy Space Ltd
Energy Space Ltd

Made to measure bike/bin storage

Energy Space Ltd

Just as one can leave the garbage cans behind plants and make them disappear, plants can also be used well to hide bins. A storage shed with overgrown plants does not need much space, as you can see in the image. Any strip of space next to a building can be turned into a flower or plant bed. It is important that you create a water drainage system with such a construction, otherwise the boxes, and eventually building, will quickly become rotten with water. 

A word of caution: only certain plant species in question will be suitable for such a garden. If the borders of the structure are particularly low (about 5 cm), you can only add moss and sedum plants permanently. An installation height of seven centimetres is perfect for herbs like Chives or Oregano. With an even higher structure, you can even decorate the shed with flowering plants.

Starting with a box

Are the previously presented ideas for hiding your dustbin too time consuming or too expensive? If you are looking for a possible quick and low-cost solution, then make your way to the next garage sale or second-hand dealer to get yourself a great box. 

The elimination of the garbage can problem lies mainly in the elimination of the garbage itself. By placing a box next to your house wherein you can store garbage cans, you’ll get rid of the optical interference factor in the most direct way possible. In addition, you also have the possibility to design the box according to your own ideas. Try painting it in your favourite colour or in the colour that best fits your style of garden. If you think of the waste separation value, it will increase with a plurality of containers. Just like that, and you have a stylish new waste cover!

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