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5 fence ideas to up your house’s style

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Far too many people spend far too much time pondering what kind of colours and paint they’re going to use for their houses’ façades. We are not saying you shouldn’t devote time to your home’s exterior look, but don’t overlook the additional features that can add extra style – like your surrounding fence / wall.

With the right fence, you up your house’s style, plus your family’s safety. The best, however, is if you live in an already gated community where you don’t have to opt for high walls and fences, and you can just pick and choose any design to complement your garden. 

Be sure to have a look at homify’s extensive range of professionals that can help you with a wealth of different wall- and fence designs for your house, like Landscape Architects or Fences and Gates experts. 

And to kick-start your inspiration, we’ve found these 5 examples…  

1. Wow with a water feature

Up the contemporary look of your house (and garden) via a timber-clad wall / fence. Perfect for privacy! And while you're at it, enhance that look-at-me style with a water feature, which is guaranteed to ensure a soothing and more calming vibe for any outdoor activity.

2. Calm and subtle

Safety is key, but that doesn't mean your security fences can't be stylish. How about this daisy-white hue for a brick wall surrounding your property? Tall enough for safety and privacy, yet stylish enough to blend in with just about any house- or garden design, from modern and Scandinavian to contemporary and rustic.

Plus the little stone trimming at the bottom ensures a perfect raw and natural touch of character!

3. Sufficiently elegant

This shorter fence might not keep everyone out of your yard, but it certainly ensures an elegant look for your landscaping. Charcoal-black tints ensure the fresh greens (and any other colours in your yard) become that much more prominent.

4. Creatively contemporary

Stainless steel and sculpted stone come together beautifully to conjure up this magnificent design. It might not be 100% opaque, but it's the ideal option for when you want neighbours to get a glimpse of your oh-so perfect garden and yard!

5. The perfect natural look

Not one for modern materials or structures that seem too man made? Then we recommend peppering a vertical garden over your fence / walls for the perfect natural look. Up the lush factor even more with potted plants and a fresh lawn. And just think of the potential when it comes to outdoor lighting fixtures…

Speaking of outdoor style, we have these 6 landscaping ideas for South African gardens for you to look at!

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