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​10 tremendous terraces you're going to adore

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We all love the idea of adding more rooms to our homes; inserting spaces that we can use for a variety of purposes, such as entertaining, sleeping, eating – you know, all those fun things in life. 

Thus is the reason a terrace is such a heaven sent creation, allowing us both additional space and to get outside for some fresh air. And if that terrace happens to be covered, providing us with a bit of protection from the elements, then even better! 

Today we take a look at 10 beauties that may, once upon a time, have been ordinary terraces, but today stand out as gorgeous, ultra fantastic spaces that make our jaws drop and our relaxation levels rise.


10. Where everyone is welcome

Just look at this space. With all the décor and furniture, this area is no longer your run-of-the-mill terrace; it becomes a spacious and decadent outdoor kitchen/dining zone. The perfect spot to enjoy a fabulous feast with friends, or an informal sit down dinner with the family. 

Although a variety of materials make their appearances here, special note must go to wood; with its range of colours and textures adorning different surfaces, it helps to transform this outdoor paradise into a most stylish and charming area.

1. Broad and majestic

When space is not a problem, that means we can really go to town in sprucing up that terrace. Furniture and décor pieces go a long way in boosting this beauty, which gets turned into a chic, relaxation area inbetween the house and the garden bar area (another fantastic addition). 

Don’t you just love how the colour palette and textures contrast with the outdoors? Warm earthy neutrals, dazzling lighting, plush seating… how very elegant.

3. Elegant and distinguished

This terrace most definitely stands out thanks to its creative combination of simplicity and elegance, but also due to its chosen materials, like that dark marble adorning the bar and counter surfaces. 

Throw in a gas grill, comfy stools, and dazzling downlighters, and we see no reason to ever leave this enchanting spot. 

4. Warm and relaxing

Summertime means catching some sun while also cooling off, and this terrace is the perfect spot for both. A generous skylight means a sufficient amount of sunlight reaches this exterior kitchen/dining area, yet there are enough shaded areas to retreat to while still taking in that city view. 

Does anybody else get a Mediterranean vibe from this spot? White concrete, dusty timber, bright blue sky, patterned tiles… who needs Santorini when you have this space attached to your home?

6. Fit for all styles

Isn’t this space just to die for? Comfy seating, sufficient dining space, a fireplace perfect for barbequing, and a bar area. 

A neutral colour palette injects a charming and serene vibe into this scene, perfect for anything from a relaxing time to full blown socialising.

And while the style and décor might be Mediterranean, they flaunt a look that is a unique blend between modern, rustic, classic and country, meaning that just about everybody will feel welcome and relaxed here.

7. A dual style vibe

Now this space is where we can enjoy some tropical style entertainment. Curved roof shingles, timber beams, and just the right amount of plants radiate an ambience that is most relaxing (and perhaps a tad bohemian). And, of course, the colour palette flaunts all the necessary hues to ensure a tranquil and cosy setting.

2. Some stylish shade

How beautiful is that wooden pergola (covered with a glass pane), stylishly mimicking the L-shaped terrace with its timber surface? Thanks to the added glass, this terrace gets a bit more protection from the occasional drizzle, meaning the entertaining doesn’t need to stop and we can all continue having fun at that exterior bar/kitchen/dining space.

8. A concrete and tile oasis

We love how this terrace is enveloped by the adjoining walls and ceiling, making for a snug yet spacious area that allows us a stylish sit down for some fresh air, while still keeping up with the interior space conversation. 

And what do you think about the colours? Whites, creams, and light greys all combine most elegantly to make this terrace seem soft, almost dreamlike. We are sure that was part of the designers’ plan, as the minimum amount of patterns and textures stand out here (save for that striking rug).

5. A vivid entertainment spot

The friends are on their way, steak’s being grilled, and the wine is poured. Now how about we retreat outdoors to this ultra fantastic terrace that flaunts a striking red-meets-white colour palette? 

Small mirrored tile touches enhance the brightness, while the apple-red surfaces stunningly stimulate the appetite. 

And look – there’s even a wall-mounted TV to keep us updated on the latest sport of choice.

9. A heightened feeling

Living in a high rise and being fortunate enough to have a terrace/balcony means you get to enjoy an open cityscape view. And what a great excuse to do some decorating! This design just happens to feature a built-in oven, island, dining table, and relaxing L-shaped sofa. 

And don’t forget the small touches of fresh greenery in the form of a potted tree and some colourful flora. 

Faced with a rather small balcony? Don’t stress – we have the ideal: Small Balcony Furniture.

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