IPE HOUSE, P+0 Arquitectura P+0 Arquitectura Balkon, Beranda & Teras Modern
IPE HOUSE, P+0 Arquitectura P+0 Arquitectura Balkon, Beranda & Teras Modern

IPE House

Monterrey, Mexico.

July 2011- April 2014

Area: 321sqm

Architecture: Arq. David Pedroza Castañeda.

           P+0 Architecture 

website: http://pmascero.com/

Twitter: @pmascero

e-mail: info@pmascero.com

Construction: Xolal Construcciones, Ernesto Ponce, Al-EGA(Glass), ARV(Metalwork)

Structural Engineering: Emilio Gonzalez

Construction Collaborator: Adriana Martinez

Photography: Sofia Flores Chapa.

A house for people with dogs requires a large amount
of open space; more so, when its inhabitants are big fans of plants and outdoor activity.

The plot; 12 meter wide and 18 meter long makes possible a radically simple solution: a void/full project that inhabits one half of the plot while leaving the other half open.

The full half: the house, overlooks the void: the garden; while a linear staircase communicates every level.

There's a deep interconnection between the two halves that extends the length, width and height of space.

The lower level frees itself from unnecessary walls to fully integrate house and garden.

The same unobstructed scheme is possible in the upper level by connecting bedrooms and family room with the help of sliding wooden doors.

Both levels are visual and functionally connected with the garden trough enormous sliding glass surfaces.

The reciprocity  of exterior and interior space, added to the minimal use of divisions, turns the project into an Über-Loft; a continuous space that stretches horizontally and vertically, relating interior and exterior.

From inside the building we come in contact with a very simple project: A volume built as a concrete and glass prism that overlooks the garden.

From the outside we witness how the purist initial idea becomes more complex when taking into account the particularities of the terrain.

The sloped street forces the project to use the level difference as an opportunity to bury the garage; a piece that otherwise would block the view and occupy significant floor space.

 Its roof is used  to create a terrace that serves as a complement for both the garden and the living room.

The succession of open spaces is crowned with a solarium, from which we can enjoy spectacular views of the iconic “Cerro de la Silla”

The placement of terraces, stairs and living spaces create a zigzag image that becomes even stronger with the help of an enormous beam that serves as both guard rail and fence.

The Project intends to have a simple image with industrial elements that solve the Budget restrictions.

The use of plastered and stuccoed walls serves as a neutral background to plants and landscape contrasting with the concrete found on stairs, floors and certain walls. 

The industrial touch is accentuated with the use of an expanded metal mesh in rail guards and the linear staircase that serves as the focal point of exterior space.

This staircase, in the future, will connect the garden and solarium with an enormous roof terrace that will widen the house’s exterior space catalog.

The facade’s gesture, with its gardens and terraces responds to the topography and makes us forget that the project is a simple idea that accomplishes effective interior and exterior spaces with a minimal use of materials and resources.

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