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We don't usually write reviews, especially negative ones, because we are aware that mistakes can happen with anyone, and that sometimes projects don't always go as planned, So we write this with an eye on fairness, but thought it was responsible to share our experience with this designer and her team. We hired Olamar Interiors during the renovation phase of our new home. The project was broken down into 2 phases: Phase 1--tiles, light fixtures, etc. Hard surfaces that were to be installed during construction. This phase went great. We are really happy with all of the choices, and Paola worked well with the contractors. We encouraged her to have a meeting with our architect, and wrote him that we were very happy thus far,. Phase 2 was to be interior design. This phase, sadly, went terribly. Many, many errors occurred (and have still not be resolved as I write this),. For example, we knew the exact sofas we wanted in the living room.. We sat on 30 or so couches and determined we wanted the Linger from Room and Board. Paola suggested that the one we wanted was slightly too large, and that she used a custom furniture designer that could make us the exact sofa with the changes in size that she was appropriate. It was double the cost of the sofa we had selected, but trusted her expertise and went ahed with the custom piece. The couch that arrived was not the Linger at all, and, in fact, there is not a couch like it available in Room and Board. We called, she became incredibly defensive, pulled up the contract that we had to allow her to "fix it". The conversation was a terribly destructive one. She finally agreed to get us the couch we initially ordered and to refund the difference. But this was after much effort. We decided to continue to work, because, well, mistakes can happen. Then came another series of errors--dining room chairs, the only requirement that they be "super comfortable" arrived. They look cool, but are certainly not comfortable. She posed a solution that just didn't look right (more padding in the seat, no where else), so we just kept them and will replace them eventually. Custom table to be used between couches was again, not what we ordered, and had black stain filling in worm holes, and the height was not what we suggested. That, too, had to go back and be reordered. We continued working with her, however, and the last order is what put an end to our working relationship, although the matter is still not resolved. We ordered $8,000 roman shades for one of the guest bedrooms. The order arrived, and not only was it not the fabric we had ordered, they were not the right size. As she put it, it was total mess. We reordered them, and found out after the order that the fabric was on back-order, so we ordered again, and they arrived but hung about 3 inches away from the window, making the black-out fabric rather moot--Rob works nights and uses that bedroom for sleep during the daytime, which is why we ordered black out material. Paola offered to refund the money, but we didn't feel it necessary for her to eat this expense without letting her try and resolve it. The installer came, removed half of the blinds weeks ago, and our guests arrive today with half of the window covered, and half with no treatments. And, the remote still has not been returned so we are unable to rise the blind that are lowered, In any event, there have been far too many mistakes that Paola herself has recognized. We felt it to be fair to write a review about our experience. We truly wish her only the best with her company and in the future. She has a really good talent, and we recognize that. The execution for us, and only during phase 2, though, has been incredibly disappointing.
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Love Paola and the team! They helped out in my house and gave a warm yet masculine touch to my dining room and master bedroom. Also, have plans for future designs and work. Paola and her team nailed the designs from the get go, installation/delivery was simple, and she took care of everything. Couldn't be more happy with everything! Definitely reach out for a great experience.
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I have worked with Olamar Interiors on several projects and have found their concepts to be creative, well thought out and responsive to my challenges. They have created warm, inviting environments in my home and I look forward to our next project together! I would highly recommend their design services.
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