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Tamara Wibowo Architects is founded by Tamara Wibowo in late 2015 in Semarang, Indonesia. She gained her Master of Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA from which she was awarded the Best Thesis Award. She has worked for six years in multiple acclaimed architecture firms in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Through her 

professional experiece she learned that architecture is so much more than a pretty face but a good architecture should not only be beautiful on the outside but also should enrich the life of its inhabitants.

Tamara Wibowo Architects are a small yet rigorous design studio who believe in the contextual relationship between architecture and its surrounding environment. We believe that architecture should be shaped by its programs, its users, and its specific site, and more importantly by quality of design in multiple levels that enhances our everyday life experiences. We love to create spaces with intimate relationship and adjacencies with nature that further question the boundaries that we often create between outside and inside. We use simple geometries and honest materials that allow light and air to be the heart of our architecture.

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